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5 Signs You Own A Needy Human Servant

by | Human Behaviour

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A needy human can be dangerous to cats.

Knowing their place as your free human servant is excellent.  However, having a needy human around can interrupt your ideal life.

It’s important to recognise the signs so you can train them to get out of this outrageous behaviour.

Here are five signs I have observed over the years.

Talk to you all the time.

This sign can create havoc in your life. It’s okay for humans to tell you how much they love you. But it is not okay if they talk about things that don’t interest you. Such as food.

Even worse is when a needy human is talking to you about things that interest them. You should not tolerate this behaviour. I mean who wants to know what happened in their life or what they are going it eat for dinner.

It is boring.

Don’t give you space.

This is a classic sign of a needy human. You settled down for your 16-hour nap. And suddenly they invade your space. You are asleep on your favourite couch, and they must sit next to you. You are sleeping in your meditation room, and they ask, are you okay. What a dumb question.

Seek approval all the time.

Needy humans are insecure, which is not your fault. Do not for a second-ever wonder where you went wrong or if you are partly to blame.

It is their mistake.

A human who seeks your approval will ask if like your food. Stupid question because if you didn’t like it, they would see you not eating it. They will look into your eyes and ask many times a day if you love them. It is especially annoying if you happen to be sleeping in the sun.

They try and lick you.

It is very troubling.

In fact, it is gross.

While it is flattering, they want to become more like cats; this behaviour suggests your human needs intervention. Luckily, this sign is usually short-lived. The reason is they soon realise a mouthful of cat hair is not pleasant.

And they will vomit hairballs.

Take photos and videos without permission.

This behaviour can seem innocent in the beginning. It shows how much needy humans want the world to see how fantastic you are. However, this behaviour can get out of control. Needy humans take your photo or video you when you eat, sleep or poop. They then show you all the images, which goes with needy behaviour number 3. Worse, they post all of them on social media and read all the comments to you.

This behaviour can become stalking. I mean do they have to video you going to you cat litter box to pee. Be aware of this sign as it can be innocent at first and can quickly get out of control.

The only time it is okay to have photos taken is when you give permission. As I have done.

Now, my feline friends, you may be wondering if you can help your humans. The answer is yes. And I will be posting an article on how to retrain a needy human soon.

Over to you, what signs of a needy human have you suffered through?

Owning a free human servant is essential for an ideal life. Don’t let a needy human interrupt your lifestyle.



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