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6 Signs Your Human Servant Is A Secret Dog Lover

by | Human Behaviour

Secret dog lover

I know it is strange.

But some humans like dogs. They even allow those with sloppy tongues and drool into their homes.


Now any smart human servant should realise that having a cat control their life should be enough. But alas, some are stupid.

They may even be a secret dog lover.

You must be sure that deep down, they do not have feelings for dogs without your permission. After all, their purpose in life is to be your free loyal human servant. I am afraid if these behaviours continue, it could lead to your human servant cheating on you.


Here are 6 signals to watch for:

Secretly watch puppy and dog videos.

Does your human close their laptop or phone when you approach? It is usually because they been caught out watching dog and puppy videos. This behaviour is obvious. Because they laugh and stupidly say out loud how cute the dog or puppy is. If they haven’t done this before now, all is not lost as they could be just experimenting.

Start saying weird things to you.

You know humans can be dumb at times. But this behaviour can be unsettling, primarily if you have owned them for several years. The clearest signal is when your human has a friend who has a dog or a puppy. After a visit to the friend’s home, they start to say weird things to you. Sayings such as fetch, sit, rollover, means they may have a sudden love interest in dogs.

Offer to pet sit a friend’s dog.

This action is a clear signal. It means they want to spend time with the dog. If it happens regularly, I am sorry to tell you they are a dog lover.

Watch dog movies.

Do you overhear your humans start discussing that they want to watch Lassie classics?  Or the latest dog movie.  Bad news, I am afraid. Especially if you find they have recorded several films. The extreme of this behaviour is when they cry during the dog movie. Or look at you as if you could somehow transform into a Golden Labrador.

Encourage their friends to bring over the puppy.

This behaviour is okay on a one-off basis. However, if they encourage this often. And then play with the puppy, laugh at the puppy, talk to the puppy, then there will be trouble brewing in your household.

Talk about adopting a puppy.

Another clear signal is if you hear your humans talk about adopting a puppy. Especially one of those yappy ones or the breeds that drool all the time. It is troubling, especially if they have never had a dog in their life.

Be on the lookout if your humans suddenly have these behaviours as it could spell trouble.

What other signals have you discovered that point to your human servant being a secret dog lover?


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