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Are Your Humans Trying To Control You?

by | Human Behaviour

Keep control over humans

Sometimes your human servants forget their place in your world.

And it’s shocking to discover that your human obedience training has been forgotten.

I know I couldn’t believe it when it happened to me. One day they were about to feed me. And made a big fuss of this new cat food. They had forgotten that I only want my favourite food and nothing else.


I hated the smell. And the taste…yuck. They thought they could control me. Making me eat the slop they bought.

I did the only thing possible.

I puked on the lounge.

Luckily for them, they quickly remembered their error. My humans raced to the store and bought my regular food.

They have never made this mistake again. And will never try to control me.

You do not have to go through this painful treatment, my feline friends. Be on the lookout for these signs your human servants may try.

Suddenly start closing doors, so you can’t enter.

This controlling behaviour is worse when the doors lead to the bedroom, bathroom, and especially the linen closet. They should know as it is your house, all doors should be left partially open.

Swapping your preferred food for something else. And pretend it will be as tasty as your usual food. As my story shows, it can only lead to disaster.

Ignore your morning wake up time routine.

This can be harmful as your belly needs refuelling. Be on the lookout to see If this new behaviour continues. It means your human servants have forgotten their servant role in your home.

Your human now expects you to come when they call you. 

They may even try shaking the cat biscuits to get you to come. Don’t be a sucker and fall this trick. This new behaviour is strange. Your humans should know cats do not behave like dogs.

Of course, it could be that they have become secret dog lovers. But whatever the reason, you can’t let them have this type of control.

Where would all the fun be if they didn’t search the home or backyard for you?

They start taking up more than 1/3 of the lounge chair.

Or worse, expect you to sit somewhere else and not on their lap. Luckily this behaviour doesn’t last long. Because your human servants basically love you sitting on them or close to them. They just need to be reminded, it is a privilege to share your lounge chair.

Well, I am sure you have discovered other signs. So, let me know.





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