3 Reasons Why Cats Hate Christmas

Cats Hate Christmas

It is that time of the year again when our blissful life is turned upside down. Yep, it is the festive season. And you, dear humans, create some havoc in our domain.

There are many reasons why cats hate Christmas, and 3 of them are:

Stupid outfits.

Yes, once a year, we have to suffer the humiliation of being dressed up in Christmas outfits. My humans think the elf outfit is best. Complete with a pointy cap with fake ears. Even worse is when our humans dress also dress in Christmas outfits for a family photo with us.

Just weird if you ask me.

For cats, the payback is to never look at the camera when photos are taken. Or roll over and resist all efforts to sit up.

Intruders in our home.

Now I should say that intruders are those humans who visit our domain and don’t like cats.

For many cats, there is no peace over the festive season. It is the time many of us have to endure visitors (intruders). They sometimes include young humans who like to squeeze us. If we have just eaten, squeezing may lead to us puking over the young humans.

The excellent news is intruders often only stay the day or, at worse, a few days. Then cats breathe a sigh of relief when they depart. I have heard some humans also are happy when the intruders leave.

Barriers around the Christmas tree.

The tree is what we love about Christmas. It is the one time indoor cats can climb a tree. And it comes with shiny things we can play with.

But unfortunately, some humans do not like us climbing or playing. So, they put up these things called barriers.

It is wrong and unnatural.

By having barriers, we don’t get to enjoy the Christmas tree and shiny things. Bah humbug!!!

Let’s hope next year, our humans will fix these things so we can love Christmas.