3 Reasons Why Cats Love Bald Men

Yes, it is true some humans make life easier for us. We love them for doing this. And it is all about one of our essential duties.

Cleaning you!!

While we self-clean for hours a day, we know you can be slack. This is because you may only clean yourself once or at the most twice a day. We don’t really understand why, but we have to help our humans keep themselves clean.

That said, there is one group of humans we appreciate. And these are bald men.

Or, as we cats say – human head fur challenged.

Here are 3 reasons why cats love bald men:

No hairballs.

To groom you can be challenging, especially when we need to get your head clean. All that human fur on the top of your head gets in the way. And as cats who have attempted this know to puke up human head fur is yucky.

Without human head fur, there are no obstacles when we want or feel we need to clean our man’s head. This saves us time and energy.

Simpler cleaning duty.

Cleaning the top of their heads also makes our cleaning duty simpler. We can groom their heads anytime we like. Such as when they are watching the noisy rectangle thing. This is easily done by sitting on the top of the lounge. Or when these men are sleeping at night, and we feel it is time for a bit of spot cleaning at 3 am.

Whole head can be cleaned.

Many human males are fur challenged at the top of their heads. Our favourites are those who are completely bald.


Because we can clean the sides and back of our bald male human’s head.

The best part of all of this is when we are finished, we know we can sit on our bald male human’s head, knowing it has been cleaned to our high standard.

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