Burmese Cat Carefully Selects His Bed

Cat quote burmese cat bed

I love my beds.

All cats must have the right bed to enjoy a great day’s or night’s sleep.

Otherwise, we can be grumpy and decide to disrupt your night’s sleep at 3 am.

I am the proud owner of a King Size Cat Bed. Some call it a dog bed, but they are wrong. A king size bed is the best for those of us who are larger in size and like to stretch out while sleeping.

After all which cat wants to sleep with the legs and head hanging over the sides. Or scrunched up.

Not for me.

Of course, the King Size Cat Bed should also come with a cosy rug in winter. And the position of the bed will be decided by cats.

In winter, I like my bed placed on the veranda in the sun. Or near a window with the sun warming me.

In summer, a perfect place is under the air conditioner or where there is a cool breeze that I can enjoy.

At night, however, I retire to my other bed, AKA my human’s bed.

All is great with my sleep world.