Burmese Cat Explains Powerful Suggestions

Burmese cat in yellow bow tie

The supreme animal in the universe only uses powerful suggestions.


Thought up by dogs to scare humans off cats, I think they spread the fake news that cats give humans commands. They obviously got humans mixed up with themselves.

The truth is that although our humans do what we want, it is voluntary.

Our unique way of giving powerful suggestions to them is that they are subtle in a cat way to make sure we live a blissful life together.

No biting, hissing, yowling, or scratching involved.

Examples of cats’ powerful suggestions include:

  • A gentle head bump and nose lick to wake you up to feed us at 4 am.
  • Sitting on your lap, nose to nose, and meowing gently to give us dinner.
  • Depositing a small poo outside our litter box to remind you it needs cleaning.
  • Ignoring our toys to suggest it is time for new ones.
  • Not eating a substitute cat food to get you to race down to the shops for our favourite food.
  • Closing our eyes when you want to photograph us to remind you it is still nap time.
  • Jumping on the bench when you make dinner to make sure you are cooking your food right.
  • Eating your food off your plate to make sure it isn’t poisoned.

So, there you have it. Powerful suggestions rock!!