Cat Demands His Rights

Cat wearing bow tie under cosy rug

In our minds, cats are not spoilt.

We only want a life detailed in the Cat Constitution that was written centuries ago.

I have written about this in my book – Funny Ways Cats Train Humans.

You must deliver certain cat rights daily if you, dear humans, want a blissful life with us.

One right concerns the weather.

It is written in the Cat Constitution that we should never be too cold or hot.

At the moment where I live, it is freezing. Not snowing, but cold enough that I do not even want to venture onto my verandah to survey my acreage domain. And that makes me upset.

So, I it is my right that my humans wrap me up in my cosy rug on my favourite sofa on this very cold day. Luckily I have trained them well to meet my needs.

I am happy to lie under it all day until it is time to yowl for my dinner.