Cat Explains Gentle Way To Wake Up Humans


Cat wearing red bow tie. Funny cat quote meowing sweetly to wake humans.As always, we look out for our humans. Especially when it is time for you to wake up.

We feel it is our responsibility.

Unfortunately, some of you still rely on silly things like alarm clocks or, these days, your phone. Both make shrill noises that hurt our ears which is not great for our health.

So it is up to us to make sure you do not use these things to wake up.

Luckily we know the solution.


Now I have tried and tested many methods to wake my primary human. And I am not sure why, but she doesn’t like many of them. And shouts or swears at me. Not to mention she is not in a good mood throughout the morning.

Some of you may have experienced these harsher wake up methods:

  • Farting near your face
  • Jumping on your chest and using it as a springboard
  • Sitting on the floor and yowling
  • Jumping on your head

But like I said, many of us think these are effective but a little harsh.

So, the gentle way to wake you is:

Sitting on the pillow near your face meowing sweetly. Once your eyes are opened, we remind you that you need to get up as we are hungry.

Let’s face it most of you can’t resist the sweet meows, especially if we also gently lick your nose and head bunt your face.

It works, and we get fed early if we do it right.