Cat Finds Perfect Way To Reduce Stress

Bow tie cat meditates

There I was, meowing softly to remind my human it was 30 minutes until my dinner time.

As time was nearing when I was to be fed, the shiny black thing that humans love to talk to belted out an ear-piercing sound.

Instead of ignoring the thing, my human talked to it to my absolute shock and horror. She laughed with it and ignored my sweet pleading meows that said my tummy was empty and needed to be filled up. I even gave my human a lick on the hand to remind her.

Nothing seemed to work.

As dinner time was fast approaching, I decided to take more direct action.  And get my human’s attention back to her most important duty, apart from cleaning my cat litter tray.

Feeding me.

So, I sat on my human’s lap and yowled loudly and didn’t let up for 5 minutes.

It worked; my human realised her mistake. She said goodbye to the shiny talking thing and got my dinner.

Can you believe it? My dinner was 45 seconds late.

I decided to meditate, after eating, of course, to reduce my stress. It worked, and soon after, I was sleeping on my human’s lap on my sofa, stress-free. And with a full tummy.