Cat Makes Surprising Confession

I have hidden my secret for many years. But I feel at my age (nearly 14), it is time to come clean with my humans and feline friends.

When I was a kitten, I liked these cardboard things called boxes. I jumped in and out of them, put Big Sock in them, and play with it. I even slept in one when it was left in the sun.

But over the years, I found them not as interesting, even when my humans left one for me to play in. I just sniffed it and walked away.

Yesterday when meowing with a few feline friends, one had a horrible thought she shared with the group.

I was turning into a human.

After all, as Misty meowed, our humans never sit or sleep in a box. I couldn’t believe this could be true and had to nap for hours to calm down.

After I woke up, I realised that I was still a cat and the fascination with boxes was just a phase I was going through. My feline friends even meowed their assurances that I was okay.


These days I prefer to sleep in my/human’s bed, on my human’s sofa, and the outdoor lounge when it is sunny. I also like sleeping in my cat bed in my human’s wardrobe, which I call my Meditation Room.

I am glad I shared my confession, although to mess with my humans’ minds, I may jump into one the next time a box appears in my home.