Cat Meows The Benefits Of A Human’s Lap

Burmese cat napping on human's lap

As you know, we love to nap.

A nap in the sun is always fun.

A nap on a cosy rug is as nearly as good as a hug.

But the perfect place is a human’s lap.

Your lap may be small or big. Your cat may be a kitten or an older cat.

It doesn’t matter.

I prefer to nap with my head on my human’s lap. Or on her lap with my head on her arm so she cannot move.

So here are some benefits of us napping on a human’s lap:

  • You get to spend quality time with your cat.
  • It shows – you are mine!
  • We find crumbs on your lap to have a snack.
  • We want to be close when we are doing what we love most after eating,
  • We look cute and adorable.
  • Great photo opportunity for you to share on social media.
  • We can face you and purr when we wake up to meow how much we love you.
  • We keep you warm in winter.

There are many other benefits. I know our human’s lap is the perfect place to nap.