Cat Ponders Question Of The Day

Cat quotes with scratching post

A cat’s day is not always one of being lazy.

We have many things to consider that will affect our day. One of the things is whether to exercise.

Here are my deep thoughts about exercising as I am head down bum up eating my breakfast:


  • The evil one may not fat shame me when we next meet.
  • I will not be called a brick wrapped in silk. Not nice.
  • I get to practice my boxing skills with the feathers on a wand.
  • My toys and I get to play together.
  • I get to see if I can beat my record racing down the hall.


  • I don’t get to spend enough quality time with my scratching post.
  • My sofa or my human’s bed will get lonely while I am exercising.
  • My toys will get exhausted.
  • If I run fast up the hall, I may not stop in time and hit the door. Ouch.
  • My time napping is shortened.

So, after long consideration for 3 minutes, while eating, I decided NO. Today was better sent with my scratching post.

Until next time.


Charlie The Burmese Cat