Cat Reassures His Needy Humans

Cat with bow tie reassures his humans

You humans can be silly at times.

If we do not look at you when you want, you can suddenly turn into needy humans. This is a shame as you pout, and I hate to say it become rather winey.

But let’s face it, sometimes other things can be more fascinating than looking at you.

Take the fly.

It sits on the wall, taunting me. It put out the challenge of The Great Stare Off. Whoever blinks first loses. And as you can see in the photo, I was up for the challenge.

It didn’t matter that my human wanted my attention. I had to be laser-focused.

I had to win against the fly. It was nothing personal with my human.

The great news is that I won. After 5 minutes of intense concentration, the fly gave in and flew away. My human thinks it was because I lunged at the fly. But I know the truth.

I outstared it.

To reassure my needy humans, I gave them my undivided attention for a full 2 hours before my dinner was served, meowing constantly.

I know they were grateful.