Cat Renames Cat Carrier

Cat quotes cat wearing bow tie

Life is so unfair at times.

We do not have a choice if our humans decide we have to visit the evil one (vet).

And the horrible experience for me starts in my home. Sometimes I am rudely awakened from a sound sleep. My humans don’t even respect the idea that my sleeping time is Do Not Disturb.

I call the vet the evil one even though he and the nurses are always lovely and give me compliments. The last visit last week, I didn’t even get Fat Shamed.

I call this sucking up.

When I see what I call the Portable Goal Cell call, I know I will not be my usual happy self.

Just look at it.

The portable gaol cell has bars on it. And I can’t escape when I am inside and try and break out.

I try to run away from it before I get locked in. I show my displeasure by yowling loudly or put on a sad expression on my face.

Nothing works.

I wonder if humans would like to go to see their Doctor in a portable gaol cell.

I think Not.