Cat Sets The Record Straight About Dogs

Cat quotes opinion about dogs

There is a lot of fake news and loads of myths about cats and dogs.

It is time to set the record straight once and for all.

It is known that dogs are inferior to cats. After all, which animal dominates the internet.  Cats, of course. This is according to my extensive research and opinion.

Even though we are superior, it is a shame the myth that cats do not like dogs still exists today.

It is not true.

So, for the record, cats do like dogs. Maybe not all dogs, but we do like the ones that live in the home we control.

As humans know and accept,  Cats Command. Humans Obey.

Well, this also applies to dogs. And luckily, intelligent dogs know this is true.  After my dog friends and I have meowed and barked, they say they are happy to be controlled by us.

Dogs like to obey. And to be like loyal human servants.

Dogs like it if we command that we sleep in their larger beds. And they sleep in our smaller one. They also like it if we command they wag their tail so we can play with it. Or snuggle with us when we want to sleep.

A happy home is where cats command all those who have the privilege of living with us.


Charlie The Burmese Cat