Cat In Shock From Breaking His Golden Rule

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The rule in my domain – Cats command. Humans obey.

My humans know this and are happy to obey my commands. At least that is what I tell myself.

But something shocking occurred last night. My primary human told me to move from the middle of our sofa. Actually, it is my sofa, but I let her sit with me.

Get this, I obeyed and moved to one side, giving her the majority of the space.

Oh no, I had broken my rule.

My humans looked at each other, initially in confusion and then delight. They even discussed that this might be a new trend of them being in control.

All my work training my humans over the years vanished in 30 seconds. As I was in shock, I decided to have a nap and ponder what I had done. I took myself off to my mediation room, which is my human’s coset.

When I woke I realised I had been delirious because I had been fed dinner early. I think my 2 hours of meowing every time they went near the kitchen had worn them down.

Obeying my humans will never happen again as I will be on guard. Of course, I will continue to meow for an early dinner as this is my right.