Cat Delights Humans By Showing Gratitude

Cat shows gratitude

A little known fact about cats: they like to delight their humans by showing appreciation and gratitude sometimes. Fellow felines, you know this is not fake news.

It’s the truth. Especially when given a new toy.

Unlike dogs, you are more dignified. You don’t jump up and down, bark, or try and rip it apart when presented with a new toy. Instead, you sniff it, walk around it to see if the toy is worthy of playing with.

If and only if the toy is worthy of playing with do you get into action. This is important as humans are delighted, which you can clearly see as they smile or laugh in excitement. They may even be tempted to take a photo for your social media accounts, with your permission, of course.

Showing gratitude does not take much effort or time. Play with the new toy for about 5 minutes. This is usually enough time for humans to be happy.

After that time, stay in the box for the rest of the day. This is what I did when presented with Dino The Dinosaur. You have choices here. You can sit or stand in the box. You can play with or stare at the toy. Or a favourite is to ignore the new toy and sleep in the box for a while. The 5 minutes, actually it was only 3 minutes that I played with Dino did delight my humans.

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Charlie The Burmese  Cat