Cat’s Dream Turns Into A Nightmare

Bow tie cat nightmare

It was shocking.

I still shudder at the thought of the nightmare.

It started innocently. I was snuggled under my human’s doona and blankets, falling into a deep sleep on a cold night. I was dreaming of eating my food and sleeping on my human’s lap in the sun.

Suddenly, my dream turned into a nightmare. I turned into a dog.


In my nightmare, my meows became barks which are horrible sounds. My tongue hanged out of my mouth, I walked in the park with my humans, wagging my tail as strangers came up to me.

I even allowed them to pat me. The only saving grace was that many of them said I looked handsome wearing my colourful bow tie.

The nightmare continued. I obeyed every human command, found delight rolling in the mud, and even found myself sniffing a dog’s butt.

How disgusting.

Luckily, I woke from my nightmare at 2.30 am and realised I needed to get the awful images out of my mind. So, I yowled loudly, running up and down the hallway a few times. When I jumped on the bed noisily, my human woke up.

I finally settled down, got under the doona, with my human cuddling me.

I hope none of my feline friends ever have to go through this terrible experience.