Cats’ Gentle Reminder To Humans

Funny cat meme shredded toilet paper

You try hard to anticipate our needs (demands). But sometimes, you forget and require what cats call Gentle Reminders.

Of course, some humans may disagree with this, even if we know you are wrong.

This gentle prompt is needed because we like to look our best. And we feel long claws are not a good look.

In fact, they can be dangerous to you and your home.

Hello, scratched furniture, legs, and curtains.

We are talking about our need for regular claw trimming, which we call Cat Pedicures.

Shredding the toilet paper is what we call a gentle reminder.

Depending on the length of our claws, we can make nice long strips or my favourite toilet confetti. And spread the confetti throughout the home, which I think adds to the decor.

It is best done when you are not at home as we can sleep with the confetti until you get home.

If you tell us off for shredding the toilet paper, we often like to meow gently and put on our cute faces before checking our claws.

The light bulb moment arrives, and finally, you check our claws.

Luckily it usually ends well with a lovely cat pedicure and fantastic-looking claws.