Cats Help Humans’ Love Life

cats help humans

Humans need all the help they can get. And often, it’s up to you, feline friends, to be the one to assist them.

Although, if like me, you have been robbed of a love life, you may not understand it. Or its importance to your humans. But trust me, it is.

They seem to enjoy it and why I don’t know, make weird loud noises. So feline friends, it is right for your soul to help them out. And reward them if they have been obeying all your commands.

Humans, I have heard, at times, need to spice up their love life. So be kind to them and allow them to close their bedroom door. Once a year is enough as you don’t want them to think they are in control of your home.

And remember, if they close the door without your permission, you can always yowl loudly outside it.