Why Cats Love Christmas

Cats love Christmas

Cats around the world meow loudly, because we can’t wait for the festivities to begin.

It is so much fun.

The shiny objects.

We swat at them, practicing our boxing skills. When we get the shiny objects off the tree, including the long ones, we play with them at all hours of the day and night. I like to collect the shiny objects and put them around my scratching post. The best part is I get to take a nap with them when I get tired.

The thing called a Christmas tree.

For those of us who are indoor cats, it gives us the opportunity to climb a tree. Even if it is one of those that are fake. When the tree goes up, experienced cats sniff the tree and the shiny things and walk away to have fun with their humans.

At 2 am, we have been known to race to the tree and crash tackle it, making a lot of noise. Then we go back to sleep. We get to  enjoy this activity for as long as the tree stays up.

Visits from family and friends.

Christmas is often a time when our humans’ friends and family visit. Usually, there is a relative, often an older male who is bald but wears this fake hairy thing on his head. He is known to have a few drinks and sleeps on a sofa after lunch.

Our fun is to jump up and grab the fake hairy thing from his head and run away with it. We wrestle with it, fling it around, and play chasing with humans trying to get it back.

Yum, food.

Next, there is food, lots of it. And if we are smart, it is an excellent time to eat more. I once heard my human telling others that she had a cat named Jason when she was younger. Jason, the Siamese Cat, was smart. One Christmas, he sneaked into the neighbour’s home and found a chicken on their table. Nobody was around, so he leaped onto the table and staring eating the chicken.

Apparently, he got to eat all the chicken breast before he was discovered. I heard this was his all time favourite Christmas lunch. Unfortunately he was banned from visiting the neighbour’s home at Christmas time.

Boxes and wrapping paper.

Finally, there are usually many boxes to play with. We are grateful humans buy so many boxes. We get to open them early as often they lay underneath the tree before the big day. This is down by scratching and ripping the paper off the box. For some reason, humans do not find this funny. We sit on the boxes, play with the wrapping paper and after they are rewrapped and opened by humans, we get to play and sleep in them.

Humans often buy us new toys, but we just like the boxes to sleep in, to be honest.

These are just a few reasons why we love Christmas.