Cats Take Their Human Responsibilities Seriously

Funny cat meme watching humans showering

It is up to us to help our humans. After all, we select you and want to enjoy a blissful life together.

There are instructions by our cat mothers of the tasks we must do, And we must commence our responsibilities as soon as we start living with our humans.

Some of the responsibilities are simple and, in fact, enjoyable. Such as conducting a full cat facial scrub to make sure our human’s face is spotless.

We take our human responsibilities seriously every day.

Unfortunately, our humans can’t self-clean. So we must supervise your showering.

The real reason why we follow you into the bathroom is for your safety. And to make sure you do not get lonely while you are getting clean.

It can be a little embarrassing seeing you naked. But we overcome this by remembering we have a task to see through.

We do not want to see you drown with all that water falling on your head. So, we observe and may meow the whole time to make sure you are okay. We may sit on the toilet, on the sink or even on a ledge to make sure you are okay.

Once the water is turned off, our job is done, and we can leave the bathroom.

So there you have it. This is the actual reason why we watch you shower.