Who Are Cats Thankful For?

Cats are thankful

In our cat world, it is easy to look in the mirror and see perfection and give thanks to ourselves.  This is not arrogance but the truth. It should be done daily for our self-esteem.

But at times, it is great for you to be thankful for others.  And there is no better example than to be thankful for your loving, loyal human servants. They don’t ask for much except a purr or lick occasionally.

You get to command them every day. Just think about it. You command and control all aspects of the home, including the following:

  • When they wake up
  • What food you eat
  • What time you eat
  • Where you let them sleep in their bed
  • Whether you give them a facial massage (lick and head bump)
  • What time you give them a facial massage

So feline friends, at times, it can be kind of sweet to be thankful occasionally for those you command.

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Charlie the Burmese Cat