Day 2 Reward Humans Week

Cat quotes waiting for food

Today I gave a big reward to my humans.

It took a lot of effort, and I had to dig deep to provide this reward. It is unnatural for any cat, especially me, not to remind my humans that I needed to be fed.

But after a short time meditating to get me into the Zen zone, I did it.

I sat quietly beside my food bowl. Not a loud meow or yowl was heard. However, I did manage to get a sad and pathetic look on my face, especially when my humans went into the kitchen near my food bowl.

I heard them talking about whether there was something wrong with me as I wasn’t yowling. And maybe a visit to the evil one was needed. But, even then, I stayed silent as I wanted to conquer the challenge of providing a reward each day.

Suddenly my humans praised my gift of silence, and at last, I was fed. Head down, bum up, gobbling up my food.

I can now tick this reward off the list and thankfully do not have to keep silent again.

I hope I last the week rewarding my humans. Then my life can get back to normal, with my humans rewarding me daily.