Do Lazy Cats Exercise?

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What a stupid question.

Of course, we do.

Lazy cats are just smart with the amount of time they exercise. So it doesn’t interfere with more important activities, such as napping.

My toys Dino the Dinosaur, Little Ball, and I know exercising in moderation is best for us. Especially as we get older.

We do exciting activities such as me tossing Dino across the room. (Please note Dino has never been hurt). Or wrestling on the verandah in the sun.

Little Ball and I like to play tag. I tap him, and he rolls down the hall, and I chase him. I catch him and then tap him again.

I always win, of course.

The best part of playing with my toy friends is that we get to relax together after a short burst of strenuous playing.


Charlie The Burmese Cat