Exceptional Way Burmese Cat Shows Love

Burmese cat funny love quote staying awake for photo

You show us, love. So it is only right we give back to you.

Even if it is difficult at times, like when you want to photograph us.

We can understand why you want to take our photo and share it with everyone. It is only natural to want to show how handsome, beautiful, cute and funny we are.

However, it can be challenging to put on a cute face and be photographed when you want us to.

Like when we want to go to the toilet, sleep, eat or drink. Or sit in the sunshine.

But we do like to show our love. And no more excellent example is trying to stay awake for you to take a photo. Especially all we are thinking of is napping in the sun, which is great fun.

As you can see, I achieved this by having one eye slightly opened. True love.