Fun Game Cats Can Play With Humans

Cat game with humans

It’s essential to play games with humans. It makes them happy. I discovered a game a few years ago that is lots of fun for cats.

It’s called hide and seek. To play the game, feline friends, they seek to find you. And you hide and nap for as long as you can. You must resist coming out of your hiding place when you hear them call you. Unless, of course, you know if you appear they will give you food.

In your home, you can find lots of places to hide. One time I played this game with my humans.

We were moving home, and I decided that they needed to have fun with all the hard work my humans had done. Just before we were due to leave, I found a new place to hide and nap. They looked everywhere, including outside, as she thought I may have got out.

Silly humans.

Unfortunately, it only lasted an hour before they found me. And for some strange reason which I didn’t understand, my humans wasn’t thrilled with  the game.

It’s crucial to find new hiding places so the game can last for a few hours. And play the game at unexpected times, such as when they are about to leave the house. The only limit is your imagination.