How To Have A Blissful Life With Cats

It’s simple. And smart humans know this.

Cats are always right. It is just the way life is.

Think about it, do you humans want to listen to the loud meows and yowls when you disagree with what your cats want. Or not do as they command?

I don’t think so!!

I say this with humility. I have loads of wisdom. It has been gained from living with my humans for nearly 13 years. And I know that life is bliss for my humans and me when they agree with me.

This means I am right when I say:

  • Breakfast should be served at 6 am.
  • Dinner is delivered at 6 pm at the latest.
  • Cat litter must be changed daily.
  • Photos for social media are done at the time of my choosing.
  • I decide how much space my humans can have on the sofa.
  • What time my humans wake up in the morning.

So, for a happy life, a cat is always right.


Charlie The Burmese Cat