Lazy Cat’s Brilliant Exercise Result

Cat quotes lazy cat exercises

After outing myself as a cat in love with laziness, I have received many suggestions. Some said I should get off my butt and have a friendship physical activity, AKA exercise.

It is okay for them to say, “leave your love.” It is difficult for me to betray something I am in love with.

I meowed with laziness, and it suggested that it could be okay to be platonic friends with exercise for short periods. As long as it wasn’t going to interfere with our relationship long term.

I assured laziness it wouldn’t.

This morning, after gobbling down my breakfast and a short nap beside my human, I meowed I was off to meet with exercise. Must say her expression was one of surprise; actually, it was shock.

She even asked if I needed to visit the evil one. I assured her I did not.

I climbed off the sofa and did a couple of warm-up stretches on the floor (which apparently is a good thing to do).

Off I went vigorously strolling down the hallway for a full 45 seconds. Physical activity said well done, and we should try it again in 6 months. I was exhausted and replied, not sure.

Laziness motioned me to settle on the sofa to recover. Which I did, as you see in my photo, for several hours.

My human said 45 seconds of activity was a brilliant result. I am proud of myself and my new platonic sometime relationship with physical activity AKA exercise.

My love for laziness is still strong.


Charlie The Burmese Cat