Lazy Cats Ponder A Major Question

cat quotes lazy cat in bow tie

To some humans, this question may not seem a big deal. But for cats in love with laziness, it is.

Often this question is asked after a visit to the evil one. And as we try to ignore the question over time, it does need to be answered once and for all. If only to meow to our humans that our answer is final.

The major question is about exercising more. Humans and the evil one will try and tell us the benefits. They may even try to manipulate us by saying we don’t have to go on a diet if we exercise more.

Right, that wouldn’t work. Cats will only meow more to get food.

What they forget is all cats, especially lazy ones, cannot be manipulated. Or told what we can or can’t do. It was written in the cat constitution centuries ago.

A favourite way to ponder this significant question, cats often take a long relaxing nap for a few hours. And discuss this question with their love, laziness.

Laziness, of course, gives straightforward reasons why more exercise is not good. Such as it can interfere with sleeping on the sofa or in the sun. Or cats may get to like flirting again with the arch-enemy physical activity, AKA exercise. And that would make laziness jealous.

No cat wants that to happen.

So, the answer to the question, will this lazy cat exercise more? The answer, of course, is no.


Charlie The Burmese Cat