Outrageous Lie About Cats

Cats friends with humans

The lie – cats are not as friendly as dogs.

The truth must be told.

Those of you who are cat lovers know the truth. We are friendly. We are just discerning who we are close with.

Unlike cats, dogs, unfortunately, crave attention and want to be friends with everyone. Some even crave being friends with cats, which we will be if we think they are worthy.

It is well known that cats are super friendly to humans around feeding time. And to show this, we even meow sweetly in appreciation of our friendship when fed.

Further evidence is when you are in the kitchen preparing your human meals. We give you lots of attention and friendship during this time, even sitting on the kitchen bench near you. We show our companionship by offering to sample your food to ensure it is okay for you to eat.

So, I hope this post will help humans to ignore this outrageous lie.