Physical Activity Tries To Seduce A Cat

Lazy cat memories

Hard to believe, but it happened to me. I still remember it vividly, even today.

It was last year, in Spring, when I was snoozing in the sun. Suddenly I noticed a presence.

Yes, it was physical activity. Now I must admit I did find physical activity attractive when I was younger. And yes, we did flirt quite a bit over the years.

But now, as I am an older and wiser cat, I have found true love with laziness.

Physical activity tried all its old approaches. Saying I would no longer be fat shammed by the evil one. Or how we could climb trees together. And chase the red dot for hours. Physical activity even went lower and said laziness would leave me for an another cat.

It tried for over an hour. It didn’t work, and finally, I told physical activity I was in love with laziness. And would never leave it. We were meant to be together.

I mentioned to physical activity to stop wasting its time on me as many other cats could be attracted to it.

Physical activity brightened up, and that idea. We said our fond goodbyes, and it left me to pursue others.

I went back to snoozing in the sun, enjoying my time with laziness.


Charlie The Burmese Cat