Reason Why Cats Hate A Car Ride

Cats Car Ride

We like adventures. And some of us get to enjoy riding in the car with our humans.

To explore the outdoors is fun.

However, there is one car ride that is not fun. The mere mention of this type of car ride brings dread. And when we see the portable gaol cell, we know we will not be having a great time.

Because cats know this ride in a car, they are off to visit the evil one. And the horror grows as the cell door is opened at the evil one’s place—nowhere to hide.

The visit is awful because:

  • We get weighed and potentially get Fat Shammed in front of our humans. I have experienced this a few times.
  • The thing called a thermometer is shoved up our backside.
  • We are poked and prodded without the evil one getting our permission first.
  • Our mouths are prised open as if we are a horse.
  • Needles are often used, and they can hurt.
  • Sometimes we have to stay for a day or two with the evil one while our humans get to go home.

So you can see, car rides with humans are not always fun.

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