The Secret Reason Why Cats Wake Their Humans Early

Cute cat meme quote why cats wake humans early

No, it is not because we are selfish.

It is, in fact, the opposite.

We even delay a post-breakfast nap, which is tough.

But we want to help our humans enjoy a sunrise with us.

That is the secret reason why we wake you early in the morning.

However, this is not always easy as some of you are still sleeping and miss this each morning.

Here’s how we do it.

We know many of our humans are not what you call “morning people.” Instead, these humans believe the right time to wake up is when the sun shines in the sky.

This human logic is wrong, of course.

The simple way is to get you to wake up at the best time. We have decided this is around 2 am or 3 am. Lots of licks, meows, and purrs are involved.

Sometimes we even have to jump on you to wake you up. It’s tough, but we are up to it.

This gives you a few hours to become fully alert. To achieve this, we supervise you to complete a few essential tasks.

These include:

  • Feeding us
  • Filling our water bowl
  • Playing with us
  • Clean our cat litter tray
  • Use your bathroom under our supervision
  • Constantly meow until sunrise to keep you awake.

Humans have found that once these critical tasks have been completed, they will be relaxed and ready to enjoy the sunrise.

Of course, after the sun is up, it is time for cats to enjoy a well earned nap.