A Secret Way Older Cats Stay Active

Contrary to popular opinion, older cats are as focused on keeping fit as our younger feline friends.

The difference is older cats find secret innovative ways to be active. As humans say – wisdom comes with age.

Here is a secret way older cats stay active, especially indoors:


We cats know cardio as you humans say it is essential. After all, you tell us you are going for a run, come back sweaty and say how good it was. Sorry to say you don’t always look like you had a good time.

Older cats need to be incredibly creative to stay active. After all, jumping over the fence and running around the backyard can seem daunting. And we feel a waste of our sleeping time.

2 ways older cats run are:

Up the hallway or around our home.

It does help if the hallway is long. I find a sudden rush of blood to the head is excellent. I run, sounding like a racehorse up the hall. Must admit it is best if the door at the end is open. Otherwise, I crash into the door.  A 3-second run once every week is ample exercise.

In our sleep.

You may not realise it, but cats exercise when sleeping. Why it is simple – we dream we are running an ultra marathon while napping. It feels incredible, especially when we dream about how many kilometres we have run.

My best time is 200 kilometres over an 8-hour sleep.

So dear humans, how do your older cats run to stay fit?

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Charlie The Burmese Cat