Cat Reveals Secret Ways Cats Train Humans

Cat quotetraining humans

Need a laugh?

Well, you are in for a treat. Until now my feline friends and I have kept our secret ways to ourselves. Now it is available for you to enjoy.

In A Cat’s Opinion: Funny Ways Cats Train Humans, I reveal the secret and I think hilarious ways we get you under our control.

The eBook covers are the areas that are critical for you and us to have a blissful life together. Sleep Training where I cover your bedroom habits we can’t tolerate., and what we do about it. Toilet Training and, of course, how we reward excellent human behaviour.

Here is what one intelligent human wrote:

“Any new or seasoned cat owner should do themselves a service and purchase this eBook — a cat’s opinion on training their human slaves.

It’s a hilarious and delightful read. And it is also a true account of what really happens as our feline family member is dictating to us.

As a first-time cat owner, this eBook gave me tremendous insight into my cat’s strategies around his crazy food habits and cat litter tray shenanigans, not to mention meowing tactics.

Finally, I feel like I may have the upper hand due to this read, so a huge thank you.”

The eBook is only $5.50 AUS and is best enjoyed with your cat sitting on your lap.

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