Silly Question Humans Ask Cats

cat human communication

Cats know that humans yearn for their approval. It is only natural after all.

Once approval is given, humans are delighted that they have properly fulfilled their duties as loyal human servants.

And yes, dear humans, you sometimes ask silly questions at the wrong time.

As you know, the right food delivered to us is one of your most essential duties as loyal human servants. And if the food is tasty, we may meow, purr or even reward you with a head bump to say thank you.

This is important; timing is crucial when seeking our approval. And the silly question – is your food okay should never be asked when we are head down, bum up gobbling it down.

I mean, it is evident if it wasn’t okay, we would be puking it up. Or we would be not eating it and instead yowling for other food we desire.

Finally, we know you have been taught to never talk while you are eating. So, why would we meow our answer with a mouthful of food?

It will never happen, so dear humans, don’t ask this question again while we are eating.

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