Who Does A Lazy Cat Obey?

Cat quotes lazy cat obey

Apart from ourselves, of course.

Our loyal human servants wish, dream and hope we obey them. One day they think cats will do what they say.

Like get up and exercise.

We think they should embrace their dreams and hopes. Even if, in this instance, it will not occur.

The reason is our powerful friend Laziness is always talking in our heads.

Such as:

·       Don’t exercise as it could interfere with napping.

·       Never give up our space on the sofa.

·       Respond to our loyal human servant’s commands with indifference.

·       Only exercise when it suits us.

·       Only obey Laziness at all times except when our humans say, “Dinner Is Ready.”

Cats like to please their humans occasionally. Hey, remember the last time your cat purred, licked, or head bump you. My guess you were delighted.

But if it comes down to it, cats take the easy way out and like to strengthen their relationship with Laziness. It must be obeyed,


Charlie The Burmese Cat