Would Your Cat Lie To You?

Cat quotes cat wearing bow tie

My feline friends and I meow absolutely not.

And after all, it is never a meow lie when our eyes are closed, sleeping in the sun while wearing a bow tie.

Okay, maybe a tiny itsy bitsy cat meow fib.

Which is nothing as serious as a human lie. Such as telling us we are only going for a car ride when we are going to see the evil one (vet).

One reason why we meow tiny cat fibs is to make you happy. This is important to us to feed us on time and clean our cat litter tray.

Now we know you are happy when you think we may obey you. Although I suspect this may be hiding a secret desire to have, us behave like a dog.

Just the thought of this makes me want to hack up a giant juicy hairball.

So in this instance, meowing my humans that I will come next time when called makes them happy. And I can continue to doze on my cosy rug in the sun, knowing it will not ever happen.