Train Humans  Successfully

Since kittenhood, I realised when you select  your humans, they don’t come with a training manual. I meowdated this ebook and it’s full of tips and tactics so  you can enjoy an ideal life. This Ultimate Cat Guide is funny, well I think so. It’s for you my feline friends and humans who love cats.


Ultimate Cat Guide

Chapter 1

Why You Should Train Humans

Before I go into specific training, it is necessary to understand what human training is all about.

What is human training?

According to a thing called a dictionary, it is education, instruction, and discipline of humans. These 3 instructions will make sure your free loyal human servants (FLHS) perform their duties correctly. Some will learn quickly; however, others may need more intensive training. And unfortunately, some humans will need retraining throughout your life. It doesn’t matter if you view training as manipulation as the end result is the same.


It was written long ago, cats control humans. It was a fact that even the Egyptians centuries ago were under the control of cats. You were, in fact, worshipped as Gods. It was written in the Cat Constitution. So human training for control is right for cats to do. Training your humans is not evil. Well, maybe just a little. It is just the way life should be. You should be aware of and keep a keen eye out for any human who tries to control you. This is not right, and it should never be tolerated. You command.  Humans obey. This is my motto. There are many benefits for you, my feline friends when you successfully train your humans. They include:

Total control over your domain.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with acres of land, all are classified as your domain. To be useful as free loyal human servants, they need your rules to follow. When you have successfully trained or manipulated them, they will obey all your commands on time whenever you want.

Peace of mind.

When humans have been successfully trained, you never have to worry if you make a mistake. This is because they will feel guilty that they caused you to make a mistake.

Control over your humans at a minimal cost to you.

At times during your human training, you may wish to reward them to encourage excellent behaviour. The small price is an occasional purr, meow or slow eye blink.

Makes them better loyal free human servants.

Training success means they will anticipate your needs and demands with no fuss. Now you understand why you should train your free loyal human servants (FLHS) it is time to look at the first step.

Overview & Preview

12 Chapters

62 Pages
This Ebook is an action-packed Ultimate Cat Guide to train humans to the standard you deserve feline friends. It covers all the topics that are important to you. Such as selecting your humans and what you need to consider during their audition. And toilet training for humans so you never have to wee or poop in a dirty cat litter tray again. Cat loving humans will also enjoy the Ultimate Cat Guide as they will learn what they need to do to ensure you, my feline friends have an ideal life. It is funny, in my opinion, and has inspirational quotes for you at the beginning of each chapter. I meowdated Train Your Humans Successfully sitting on my human’s lap. And it is best enjoyed cuddling up to your human so you can both learn and laugh together. Please note, no human was harmed in the development of this Ebook. See sample pages below.

Sample Pages

Ultimate Cat Guide - Table of contents
Ultimate Cat Guide - Selecting Your Humans

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