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How To reward Excellent Human Behaviour

by | Human Behaviour

Reward good human behaviour

To have control, peace, and harmony in your home, you need humans to behave according to your wishes.

They are simple beings.

But need encouragement to continue to behave well. Think of encouraging as humans do to dogs in their life. When dogs perform well, they are given treats, pats, etc.

Of course, humans would never think of doing this type of treatment with cats. As you would only ignore them if they tried.

Humans have a need to gain your approval. Like those with sloppy tongues (dogs) you have to keep the encouragement simple.

When they feed you on time, you can show encouragement. After eating, of course. Put on a cute face, meow sweetly, and purr after each meal. Humans will be happy you have praised them.

For some strange reason, humans have different sleeping schedules to yours. They only need about 8 hours. Maybe with this short sleep times explains why they can be grumpy in the morning.

Some, can you believe it, don’t welcome you waking them early in the morning to feed you. And many like to sleep in on weekends. Just weird if you ask me.

If, after a time, they wake on your command during the week, you can give them a treat. On weekends let them sleep in until 5.57 am. They will be so happy and will look forward to this reward each week.

Human servants crave affection from you. A special reward is what I call “facial massage.” The best time for this reward is when they are relaxing at night. Climb onto their lap, and gently head butt them. This will stimulate their muscles, and it is best performed while purring.

The second part of the “facial massage,” involves licking. Start at their forehead and lick all over their face. Pay special attention to any areas they are showing lines. The only exception to this is if your male human has a beard. If you don’t want to lick their beard, do not worry. You can give their nose, eyelids, and cheeks extra attention.

If your humans have been perfect, reward them with a full facial massage at 3 am.

Although you own them and your home, sometimes it is the little things that keep them in line. For example, if you usually take up most of the lounge chair, a special reward is allowing them to occupy half of the chair. This will delight them, and they will soon realise this gift will only occur when they have excellent behaviour.

The best part of these rewards is they will make your humans determined to keep up the excellent work. And realise how lucky they are to have you controlling their lives.

How do reward your humans? Cats lovers, what are your favourite rewards?



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