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Unacceptable Human Bedroom Habits

by | Human Behaviour

Weird human bedroom habits

You know humans have some strange habits, don’t you?

But I find their sleeping habits particularly weird. For starters, they only get about 7 to 9 hours sleep a day.

Some even less. Maybe that’s why free human servants seem hyperactive at times.

And they sleep at night. Not during the day. But I guess they can’t as they have to work, make money to serve us.

They sleep in big things called a bed. Actually, as you know, this is your bed. You allow them to use it. So it makes sense they only use it at night with your permission.


Here are some unacceptable human bedroom habits:

The funny noises behind the locked bedroom door at night.

It can be scary when you first hear it. You think, are they are asking for help.

However, I have found out it is called mating. I wouldn’t know about this as I have been neutered.

What a horrible term.

Anyway, aside from Tomcats enjoying this ritual, humans seem to want their privacy while mating. And look to do this before falling asleep.

Don’t ask me why. But you know what is going on when the door is closed, and the noises start. Not again, you think!

There is another weird sleeping habit, mostly male humans do. And it sounds like thunder, with the roof about to fall in.

Drives me crazy. It is called snoring.

There they lay with mouths open, which is gross, like a black cave. And the thunder comes roaring out. It is so annoying as it disturbs your sleep. And sometimes it can go on for hours. Be aware of this happening after they have had a few beers or wine.

Now the last 2 habits are … let me just say…Revolting.

The first is, some humans like to sleep without their clothes on. They don’t even have enough human fur to cover them.

Dangly bits everywhere.

It is particularly disturbing in summer. Because they don’t have sheets covering them, and it can definitely put you off sleeping next to them. You never know if you are going to get hit by the dangly bits if they turn over in their sleep.


Human farting is a cat health hazard.

There you are under the blankets or door, snuggling close. And then they let rip with this huge noises that smell horrible. If you are not quick to get out, you may be overcome by the stench. And not be able to sleep for a long time.

Be aware this could occur if they have eaten spicy food at night.

The good news my furry friends is you can do things to change their weird habits. And I will be covering them in another article.

What weird sleeping habits do your human servants have?


  1. Susan Cooper

    This made me laugh. I can just see my cat thinking some of these very thoughts.

    • Charlie

      I know your cat does. Cheers, Charlie


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